Our Products

RoboCrib® TX750
The most popular and powerful inventory management tool in a flexible vending machine format for dispensing everything from tools and safety supplies to boxes.
RoboCrib® VX/LX
A complete stock management and inventory control system, packaged in an automated dispensing machine, with the capacity to hold 628 to 2574 SKU’s (unique items) for cutting tools, fasteners, shop supplies and PPE.
AutoLocker® FX | Scale
A customizable asset tracking locker system for items such as laptops, iPads, power tools, gauges or any asset that needs to be tracked. Available with or without recharging capabilities. Optional, a smart locker system with weight-based sensing technology to dispense anything from gloves to grinding disks to spray cans.
AutoCrib® RDS
The original tool vending machine with a complete inventory management system.
IntelliPort® Lite
Eliminate the need for an attended tool crib by automating your tool crib software or stores with a RFID portal.
AutoCrib® VLM
The first vertical lift module that has the capability and user friendliness to be called a vending machine.
Touch Toolroom
Tool crib software in an ATM format. Turning your tool crib or stores area into a virtual inventory dispensing machine.
High density inventory management system in a medium security vending machine format. Manage batteries, flash lights, safety supplies, cutting tools and fasteners with the push of a button.
Tablet ToolRoom
This inventory management software gives your tool crib attendants the most mobility to issue and return items by scanning barcodes.
Automate your supply chain and provide a tight inventory management system for small parts and fasteners with the use of weight based technology.